Welcome to JOM Charity.

We at JOM Charity believes in giving back to humanity.

JOM Charity, (SCIO), 

Purpose –






Human Rights



Our Charity’s objectives include:

  • To use Intercultural Art exchange to promote global awareness by promoting global understanding and togetherness;

  • Use Art, Craft, Design, Culture, Heritage or Science to promote tourism & investment by creating beneficial mutual relationship between local community, the UK and international communities.

  • Promote conservation & preservation of energy, plants & animals.

  •  Conservation of the environment, support the preservation and resuscitation of endangered plants (Herbs, Scrubs, Fruits, trees etc) and animals.

  • Support reforestation and climate change programmes.

  • Establish- Art, Cultural, Talent exchanges Support Training & Development of creative people Engaging immediate communities UK & International communities in Art, Craft, Design, Heritage/history projects, offered through Museums, Art centres, Television, Radio, Internet, other media and medium.


  • Promote Art, Craft, Design, Gardening & Farming education and therapy program.

  • Encouraging the educational development of children, adult & the aged.

  • Promote ecology, lifestyle and well-being of the community, society and international community.

  • Facilitate training and development for young persons, adult, and the aged encouraging re-skilling where applicable.

We support other charities with similar goals for the  common good of mankind.


Charity Auction Titled – ‘Metamorphosis’Took Place atAkorita (Spirit of Motherhood) Charity ball, Sprowston Manor Marriot Hotel & Country Club, Norwich, United Kingdom on 11th November, 2017.portrait photoportraitman and woman portrait

This was a successful event that raised money for breast cancer. 


Painting – Sisi Eko by Mba.

Josephine Oboh-MacLeod     JOM Charity(SCIO),  Trustee in collaboration with  Johfrim Art & Design supported the event by donation several Artworks and other items for auction. The proceed was given to Akorita charity. They included this painting and sculpture.


Sculpture – African Venus de Milo by Abdul Haliru

Milngavie Week Photography Competition.

Our Trustee (Josephine Oboh-Macleod) was honoured to be a judge a Milngavie week photography exhibition. Over 80 beautiful photographs.

The winning 2018 photographs are currently on display at Garvins Mill Gallery.

Garvin’s Mill, Milngavie, Glasgow. https://www.gavinsmill.org/




Assist with Art Therapy Abbotford Suites, Milngavie & Antoine Care Home, Glasgow Scotland, United Kingdom.


Assists with Gardening at Baldernock Childcare Garden, Balmore & Glasgow Academy, Milngavie, Glasgow Scotland.



Ghana Independence  Day on 6th March, 2018 at TAAC, 

TAAC. http://www.voicetaactv.net/


Nelson Mandela Centenary Gala Dinner.

Venue – The Hilton Hotel Glasgow,

1 William St,

Glasgow G3 8HT

on Friday 24 August, 2018

The monies raised is to go primarily towards erecting a statue of Nelson Mandela at Mandela place in Glasgow, city center.

This is a very worthy cause to immortalise the work of Nelson Mandela and others like him.

Johfrim donated her painting title African Queen which went on a silent auction.

If you want to join in the campaign to carry forward the legacy of Nelson Mandela please contact the foundation.




Lambhill Stable in conjunction with TAAC & Johfrim Art and Design

Presents an Art exhibition titled Crescendo as part of the celebration to commemorate Lambhill stable open day & Black history month.

Venue –Lambhill Stable. 

11 Canal Bank North, Glasgow, G22 6RD

Date – 21th Sept, 2018 to 31th  Oct, 2018.

Time – 11am to 4pm

Admission Free

Refreshment to be provided at a reasonable price



Johfrim Art and Design

Presents an Art exhibition titled Nigeria, The Giant of Africa as part of the celebration to commemorate Nigerian Independent day & Black history month.

Venue – Johfrim Art & Design Studios.

 26A Station Road,

Milngavie, Glasgow, G62 8HN

Date – Monday, 1st Oct, to 31st Oct, 2018.

Time – 1pm – 5pm

Admission Free

Refreshment to be provided 

JOM Charity (SCIO) Since her charity statues approval have participated in numerous community and social activities. We shall keep you posted on our 2019 calender.

Support us to make the world a better place for us and the next generation. The children are our future.


This was a very Successful Exhibition done in collaboration with JOM Charity (SCIO)  for the benefit of the resident of Abbotford Suites Care home in Milngavie.


I at JOM Charity, Glasgow, Tales by Moonlight & Stars African Storytelling section at Glasgow Academy, Milngavie. We read African Tale of Creation, from Ancient Yoruba Kingdom of Nigeria. Read some African Proverbs and Sayings. During question time the children got the answers right. What a bright lot. We ended the section with a jam session of African percussion instruments and my beloved talking drum, singing songs from Ancient Kingdom of Ishan & Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. The session reminded me of story time with my parents when I was growing up. I learnt a lot from it. The Children are Our Future. Let’s invest quality time with them



We have recently concluded New Yam/New-Year Festival called Ukpe in Emu Kingdom, Ishan, Edo State, Nigeria. Starting on 21st November, 2018. It is a very colourful celebration showcasing the best of our traditional dancing Igbaboneriphrin (acrobatic dance and music in praise of our ancestors) and Ogbodu (Masquerade) Since 2010 My husband and I have sponsored the annual competitions and this year JOM Charity (SCIO) and Mabel Oboh Center for Save our Stars  are now sponsors of these dancers and musicians competing to promote our culture and heritage. These competitions are also used as a training ground to train our youth to continue our culture. 

Elder Chief Josephine Oboh-MacLeod  

JOM Charity(SCIO) Trustee

Adonor of Emu Kingdom
Atayese of Ikateland, Elegushi, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.
The Iyanriphrin(Mother of the Igbaboneriphrin) of Akhiophen, Emu Kingdom, Ishan, Edo State, Nigeria.

We are having an Art exhibition to commensurate the official opening of JOM Charity (SCIO)

See above poster for details.

You are all cordially invited.

JOM Charity supports health insurance for Artists, Musicians, Performers, Actors/Actresses, Broadcasters, Writers, Sports Persons and Other Entertainers. Our pilot project is starting in Nigeria in January 2019. We intend to extend this programme to United Kingdom starting in Scotland in the near future. We will be fundraising for this program in March 2019 in Nigeria and May 2019 in Scotland. We will keep you posted. Please help us make this a successful reality.




We thank the Internet and all contributors /donors of the images and text used on JOM Charity website.