RIP John Oboh

I listen to and watch this video with affectionate memory of by beloved late younger brother John Oboh (aka Mighty Mouse) who died recently after suffering from liver cancer and losing the battle.
This was one of the last music videos he was working on. He fought for the emancipation of the black race, against discrimination because of black colour, unity and respect for all.
He has several award winning music and videos. He also tirelessly produced and sponsored and shared his immense talents and passion for creativity with so many musicians and artists.
Funeral arrangements yet to be announced by the family.
RIP John!?❤️
Chair CFoAS ???????


Man- okpia

Men- ikpia

Woman- okhuo


Child- ọmọn

Children- imọn

Slave – Igbọn

Servant- odibo

In-law- oruẹn mhẹn

My wife – okhuo mhẹn

My husband- ọdọ mhẹn

Come- vae

Go- akhian

Run- runẹ

Wait- mudia

Hold on- mudia fo

I’m coming- Imẹ vade

Finish- ọfolo

Once- isukpa

Twice- igbava

This – ọnan
These- enan

That – ọni

Those – eni

Here – enan

There – eni

Where – ejela.

What- ebela

Why- bezẹle

Who- ọbhọra/ọra

Who is that? (họbhọra/họra)

họbhọla/họla (depending on the Esan dialect variety)

Our- ọsẹ mhalẹn

We – imhanlẹn

Them- ele

All of us- imhan rebhe

But- ọkpa kinọn
Because- ramhunde

Love- ahuẹmhẹngbe (ahuẹ mhọn egbe)

Peace- ọfure

Unity – ọkugbe/akugbe

Power – ahu

Patience- iziengbe

Someone that is patient – ọziegbe/ọzin egbe/azin egbe

Help- urẹkpa

Truth – ẹmhanta

Lie – ohoghe

House- uwa

Mat- ewa

Sleep- owe

Broom- uwahẹn/owẹle
*(broom could be for indoor/outdoor)

Pond- Omi

Flood – ologho

Dustbin- itikun

Light- ukpa

Water- amẹn

Antelope- Uzo

Rabbit- Ẹluọ

Rat – Efen

Elephant- Eni

Goat- Ẹbhe

Monkey – emẹnlẹn/emẹn/ọsa

Leopard- Atanakpa

Lion – oduma

Bird – afianmhẹn

Pig – une

Snail- ure

Bone: uguẹ

Meat- Ẹlanmhẹn

Food – ebae

Palm tree – udin

Oil- Ẹbhi/Abhi (could be plural or singular)

Coconut- uvin

Church – otuẹ

Pastor – Ohẹn-otuẹ (Pastor of a church)

Lord – Ebianlen

God – Osẹnobula

Bible – Ebe nọn khiale

Praise- ugẹn mhin

Fasting – azimhin

Holy – ukhia mhin.

Faith – Urhẹ ọbhọ

Heaven- ẹgua ose/ẹguae ose

Kingdom of God – ẹguale osenobula

Earth – Otọ

Song- ilolo

Dance- ikhilẹn

Dancing – ọgbi ikhilẹn/ọgbe…


Harvest – ikore

Feast – ilue emhilin

Saturday – ẹduzana ni ikhere/ẹdẹ uzana nikhere

Sunday – eduzana ni ọnẹ/ẹdẹ uzana nọnẹ

School- uwa-ebe

Book – Ebe

Exam/Test – Edọmhẹn

Know – ulẹn mhin.

Learn – uluẹ mhin.

Write- agbẹn

Write it – gbẹn olẹn /gbọnlẹn

To write something /Writing – ugbẹn emhin

Pen/biro – ukpu gbẹn

Thing- emhilin

Labour – ẹson

Thinking – erhiala

People – Eria

Fear – ofẹn

Sick -ekhọn mhọn

Disease – emhian mhẹn

Different – ikẹkẹ

Bicycle – Ikẹnkẹn

Money – igho

Riches – afe

Bank- aza

Trader- ọduẹki

Profit/gain – elele

Debt- osa

Poor man/humble man – obhioguele

Rich man – ọdafen

Market woman – okhuo ẹki

Market women-ikhuo ẹki

Strong – utoto mhin

Hard – ukaka mhin

Before – ọkue sẹ

After – ọkuẹ gbe rha

Straight – udia mhin

It is straight – ọdia mhin

Correct – ogba mhin.

Concern – urhẹtẹ

Report – Urhẹka

Stuborn – ika ehọ

Wicked – usiebe

Wicked person/bad

person – ọrhiebe /ọria ebe

Surprise – ọhanlo/ihan ilo

Minute – ihuẹnlolo

Time – ẹghele

Morning – ewewiẹ

Afternoon – odan mhẹn

Evening – emhuan.

Night – asọn

Night Time – ẹghe asọn /ọsi asọn/ọsasọn

Today – Ẹlẹna/Ẹlẹ

Tomorrow- akhọ/ewiẹ

Day after tomorrow- iriakhọ/

Chair- aga

Cup- ukpu

Spoon – ukpakẹ/ikuye

Tobacco- itaba

Cloth- ukpọn

Clock- agogo

Box- Ẹkpẹti

Tree – Oran


I attended VisitScotlandScottish Parliament, Edinburgh Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh CELEBRATING SCOTLAND’S YEAR OF STORIES event. It was lovely!!!♥️I looked forward to the much awaited Year of Stories Parliamentary Reception Hosted by Evelyn Tweed MSP, and joined by speakers: the Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise, Ivan McKee MSP; the Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development, Neil Gray MSP; and Chairman of Visit Scotland, @Lord Thurso.Guests enjoyed a musical performance from the Year of Stories Songs from the Last Page event.The evening will also showcased Scotland’s UNESCO Trail and partners from across the Year of Stories: Museums Galleries Scotland, Publishing Scotland, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Scottish Book Trust, Scottish Library & Information Council, the Scottish Tour Guide Association and Traditional Arts & Culture Scotland.Meet lovely people. I am delighted that JOM Charity – SCIO in collaboration with Dr Sue Morrison’s Oral History Research & Training Consultancy & Communities Past & Future Society, were able to partake in Scotland’s ??????? The Year of Stories 2022 with The Journey “Personal Testimonies of Africans living & working in Scotland “! Visit our website for details. project supports diversity, inclusion & integration!??Thanks to our funders, National Lottery players, National Lottery heritage Funds, Museums Galleries Scotland, Events Scotland, Visit Scotland.??

EDO Community Art And Culture Scotland, United Kingdom

EDO CAC Scotland

A big thank you to Edo Community Art & Culture Scotland United Kingdom (Edo Cac Scotland ) for a fantastic and entertaining, enjoyable End of Year Celebrations!
It was a beautiful array showcasing some of Edo Culture & Heritage. Impressive Outfits and adornments included.

The ambience was great, food was delicious, plenty assortment of beverages and fantastic music and dancing. I was so moved and ended up dancing Esan traditional dance steps called Ojeike. ?? ?? .

Well done ?? to all the Executives, Edo Women, youth & children and others that organised and supported this great occasion!!!???♥️?✅??

“JOM Charity had a very successful event!” “Mental Health On The Go!”

(“Afro-Celtic Art, Well-being & Mental Health Exhibitions & Workshops ”).

The “International Day 2022” event took place at Venue:

Fraser Centre Milngavie, 7 Douglas Street, Milngavie Town Centre, G62 6PAOn Saturday, 1st October, 2022.

The event kicked off with Artist Carla Faulkner of Create-ED, facilitating the Art & Well-being sessions with creative silk painting. Followed by exhibition, music, & refreshments.“This project is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. Thanks to The National Lottery players & supporters.

Chief Co-ordinator- Josephine Oboh-MacleodJOM Charity

JOM Charity International Day & Black History Month Celebration on 1st October, 2022.

This fantastic event kicked off with exhibition of “The Journey” Personal Testimonies of Africans living and working in Scotland funded & supported by Museums Galleries Scotland (MGM), Year of Stories, in attendance was Dr Sue Morrison, the oral history expert who conducted the interviews on behalf of JOM Charity and some of the respondents

Josephine Oboh-Macleod,
Olivia Ndoti,
John Osehi,
Sean Reid,

Music by Glasgow Small Pipers, food was supported by Olivia Ndoti and other members of Women Intergretion Network (WIN) who prepared varied delicious array of International food & beverages. Olivia made a speech about importance of Black History Month.
Sean Reid facilitated the ICH, Intangible Cultural Heritage, “Integration through Proverbs” very enjoyable interactive sessions.

Thanks to everyone that attended and supported JOM Charity.

Creative Art & Well-being sessions was funded by The National Lottery Community Funds.
Overall events was coordinated by Josephine Oboh-Macleod of JOM Charity.
“This event has been supported by the Year of Stories 2022 Community Stories Fund. This fund is being delivered in partnership between VisitScotland and Museums Galleries Scotland with support from National Lottery Heritage Fund, thanks to National Lottery players”.