Expression Art Exhibition a collaboration between Johfrim Art & Design and Hidden Lane Gallery. 

This exhibition puts a spotlight at contemporary African Art in perspective.

Date 10th January to 31st of March 2020

Venue – Hidden Lane Gallery, 1081 Argyle Street, G12 8LZ


Celebration of Fair trade fortnight at Gavin’s Mill on 8th March, 2020 

JOM Charity participated in Milngavie, Window Wanderland, 21st – 22nd February, 2020 in aid of depression.


Kaleidoscope Art Exhibition in collaboration between Johfrim Art & Design and The Glasgow Academy, Kelvinbridge.

The aim of this exhibition is to bring African Art into Focus.

Date 5th to 21st February, 2020

Venue – The Glasgow Academy Kelvinbridge, Colebrook Street, Glasgow, G12 8HE.


JOM Charity Activities,

Generations Meet at Milngavie Manor Care Home part of Hamberley  Care Home, Group.

Venue – Mingavie Manor Care Home,

Milngavie, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Date – 28th June, 2019



Gavin’s Mill Fair-trade Fortnight Activity (African Food) 1st March, 2019 at Gavin’s Mill, Milngavie.



Exhibition at SCVO The Gathering


20th & 21st Feb, 2019

SEC (The Exhibition Center) Glasgow, Scotland

Sparks Art Exhibition at Arran House, Parkhouse Business Park, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

29th December, 2018 – June, 2019

The opening day of this event was extremely successful. Attended by well meaning people especially Trustees of other charities such as Reverend John Riches and is wife of Gavin Mill Community Project and his wife. Chief Kofi Amu of The African Art Center, Monsieur Giscard  of African Future and many others.




It was a day of fun, delicious food, music and dance and the children who attended the event produced beautiful Artworks inspired by exhibited African fabrics.

Regular Art & Well-being, Gardening, Storytelling activities at various Care Homes, Schools, etc.