JOM Charity (SCIO) SC048839

We are an advocate of Art & Well-being!

Josephine Oboh-Macleod Charity  (SCIO) SCO48839

Unincorporated association.

Geographical Spread – UK & Overseas.

Main Operating Location – East/West Dunbartonshire, Parkhouse / Possilpark, Maryhill & Glasgow.

Purpose – 

Promotion of the enhancement of well-being through art and culture.

Progression of society and community development by connecting the world using Art, Craft, Design, Heritage/history.

    • The development of education.

    • The advancement of citizenship or community development.  The development of the Arts, Design, Heritage, Culture & Science.

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    • The development of environmental improvement & protection.

Our main objectives are to establish –

    • Art, Cultural, Talent exchanges.

    • Support Training & Development of creative people.

    • Engaging immediate communities, UK & International communities in Art, Craft, Design, Heritage/history projects, offered through Museums, Art centres, Television, Radio, Internet, other media and medium.

    • Advancement of education through providing training and skills to smallholder farmers in Africa and to local children, youth & adult in Scotland; and through instructing people in Scotland about planting /gardening methods, healthy diets and growing their own foods and ornamental plants.

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    • Prevention or relief of poverty through supporting developmental projects aimed at assisting disadvantaged people in the UK and Overseas.

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    • The advancement of heritage: by the preservation of sites or historic buildings and their natural surroundings.

    • Use Art, Craft, Design, Culture, Heritage or Science to promote tourism & investment by creating beneficial mutual relationship between local community, the UK and International communities.

    • Participate in the promotion of Fair-trade and other area of trade which the community feel is appropriate to build local capacity and skills that could be utilised by the society at large.

    • Promote conservation & preservation of energy, plants & animals. Conservation of the environment, support the preservation and resuscitation of endangered plants (Herbs, Scrubs, Fruits, trees etc) and animals.
    • Support reforestation and climate change programmes.

    • Promote Art, Craft, Design, Gardening & Farming Education and Therapy program.

    • Encouraging the educational development of children, adult & the aged.

    • Promote ecology, lifestyle and well being of the community, society and international community.

  • Facilitate training and development for young persons, adult, and the aged encouraging reskilling where applicable.

    • To contribute to the development & improvement of mankind by supporting other charities with similar goals all for common good.


Children, Adult, Young people, Older people, People with disabilities or health problems, No specific group, or for the benefit of the community.


One of our trustee’s, Chief Josephine Oboh-Macleod co-ordinates our projects.

Thank you all for supporting us. 

JOM Charity, more than just a drop in the Ocean

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